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Custom travel in Colombia

Sleeping under the stars, glamping in the desert, heading into the deep jungle or a private Caribbean island. Colombian DMC will go there with you.

Off the beaten path

We depend on our sister brand The Colombian Way’s extensive portfolio for most of Colombia. As a Colombian local tour operator, the company’s portfolio focus is on deliverability and consistency. With the help of our Colombia travel experts though, if you or your clients can dream it, we can take you there.

The tourism explosion in Colombia over the last 10 years has meant that new exciting destinations are within reach. Travel down to the remote regions of Vaupés or Guianía for adventures in the undiscovered Colombian jungle. Discover Pajarito, Mono and Mavicuri, the 3 peaks of the Cerros de Mavecure on the Inírida River. Visit Las Gachas de Guadalupe in Santander. A multi-coloured river with other-worldly pools reminiscent of those of Caño Cristales.

Discover Puerto Carreño and Vichada’s Tuparro national park, a grassland area of outstanding natural beauty alongside the Orinoco River. Head towards the Colombian department of Putomayo, hike through the jungle to the Fin del Mundo waterfall, or the Hornoyaco waterfall. Whilst in the region, check out Parque Nacional Cueva de los Guacharos for superb and unspoilt páramo landscapes.

Build your own overland itinerary in the north of Colombia, travel overland from Cartagena to Mompox, taking in Jacinto along the way. Continue to Santa Marta with a stop at Aracataca, maybe passing by the stilted lake houses of Nueva Venecia, continue east all the way to Uribia.

Custom travel is not about extravagantly pampering yourself. It can simply mean unleashing the explorer within.

VIP and luxury travel

On land, sea and air, Colombia is the country that panders to the desires of those that seek the finer things in life. Rent a staffed private colonial house in Cartagena, hire your own private Caribbean island for the day, a weekend, or a whole week. Navigate the seas with your own private crewed yacht. Or take to the skies with a private flight to Colombian locations with small airstrips. Fly over the Lost City or the Guajira desert in a helicopter. Let your imagination run wild.

Consider a personal concierge service whilst in Colombia, a nearby contact able to deliver on last-minute specific requests whilst your clients are enjoying themselves.

Special touches

You don’t have to consider yourself a VIP to personalise a tour. Customise your clients’ Colombia travel with simple yet special touches. Be it cooking sessions with local chefs, a personal guide over multiple days, getting a pedicure in Cartagena, or simply having additional amenities in your hotel.

Specialised travel

Fishing for peacock bass in the Orinoco region, road cycling at altitude in the Andes, combining travel with language or cultural experiences, or even kayaking the length of the Magdalena River, it’s all possible.

With effort on the ground in Colombia and local contacts, we can deliver your requirements.