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Itinerary planning

There are an unlimited number of routes that one could take through Colombia, but surprisingly few of them are logical and optimise client experience.

Bring your itinerary A-game

Add real value to your clients’ trips with a perfectly crafted tour plan. We have examples we can send you to inspire you, or you can start from scratch with a destination wish list, client interests and travel style.

We are not happy until you are happy and we offer unlimited iterations to ensure you have exactly the plan you want.

Optimise time

Clients want to make the most of their time in Colombia so offer them a slick, geographically contiguous itinerary. We are experts at delivering the maximum possible destination time and minimal transit time in Colombia.

Every time you save just half a day of transit time you make the difference between a tiring schedule and a rewarding and engaging travel plan.

Reduce costs

An intelligent itinerary is a superb use of time that will provide great returns in terms of cost savings. You can also ensure that your clients avoid busy destinations during high seasons and Colombian national holidays. Your itinerary can easily offer 50% savings on hotel accommodation and avoid minimum stay requirements in such cases.

Avoid costly and illogical transfers by picking the smart route. A clever tour plan will pay for itself many times over and free up time and budget for extra activities or even hotel upgrades.

Less backtracking

In a defined timeframe nobody truly wants to backtrack through a previously visited destination just because they have to. A well designed itinerary can eliminate revisiting old destinations and unrewarding overnight stays prior to onward travel.

More variety

Colombia is one of the world’s most diverse countries but wanting to see everything is often costly and inefficient. Unlock the secrets to seeing disparate regions effectively with minimal transit time by taking advantage of our experts’ knowledge of destinations and route planning.

More experiences

Less time in transit means more time at destinations and more time to discover Colombia. It also means your clients are spending their budget on experiences rather than inefficient transit. The bottom line is better client value when you have an optimal itinerary.

Get started

If you are an independent travel agent, travel consultant or travel planner then get in touch now to reap the benefits of a perfectly optimised Colombia itinerary.