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DMC in Cartagena Colombia

Cartagena, the big-hitting destination with excellent opportunities to stand out from the crowd.

Cartagena has always been Colombia’s number 1 travel destination, it has always had the edge in terms of tourism infrastructure and it continues to have the best opportunities to deliver truly unique experiences. It is the ideal location for our team.

Cartagena de Indias travel

Colombian DMC is the local tour operator in Cartagena de Indias that is ready to extend your reach into Colombia and deliver on your Cartagena goals.

Multilingual staff

Our team of Colombia experts is ready to assist you in English, German, French and Spanish.

Feet on the ground

Cartagena is the destination that truly benefits from personal interactions. The secret to unlocking the city’s potential is being there, making friends, spending time building relationships and being known to locals. Being located in Cartagena enables this important groundwork so we can deliver on our promises in the city.

Tailored services

Our Cartagena portfolio is already extensive but having inside knowledge and local contacts allows us to customise experiences to your clients’ preferences even with a modest budget. Avoid the crowds and take a trip to a more secluded beach, reserve tables at Cartagena’s best restaurants, secure tickets for Cartagena’s many festivals, reserve a private space in a bar, gain access to unseen Cartagena. It’s all within reach and within budget.

Cartagena VIP and luxury travel

For those with big travel ambitions, Cartagena is a destination limited only by your own imagination.

Access to private golf courses, luxury yacht charters, hire your own island, day trips to Mompox and Santa Marta in private charter flights, even visits to stunning privately owned colonial homes that are most certainly not on the tourist trail.

Cartagena has excellent hotel options, but for ultimate in privacy, or even a private party with your own mixologist, consider renting your own staffed colonial house.

Ready to rise to the challenge

Whether you send us your wildest ideas or contact us to discuss possibilities. With Colombian DMC the city of Cartagena is yours to discover.