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Self-service booking tools

Don’t you wish you could book ground services in the same way you book hotels and air travel? Well wish no longer, now you can do exactly that.

Colombian DMC empowers independent agents, travel planners and consultants with access to The Colombian Way’s entire online bookable tour portfolio of over 100 day trips and experiences. And best of all, everything can be booked without leaving your office or even having to pick up the phone.

See live prices in 25 different currencies as well as comprehensive destination information. Make informed choices. Build incredible tours.

The Colombian Way tour store

Get access to Colombia’s most intelligent and flexible online tour booking platform. The Colombian Way’s tour store is a proprietary online reservation system for tours, trips, activities and even short packages. It lets you book one single day tour or an entire itinerary right from your desktop.

Need to book a city tour or side trip for a client after a week of meetings? Or an entire two weeks of tours and activities for a family of four. The tour store has you covered, it has the whole of Colombia covered.

Read more about our tour store.

Everything in one place

No more wasting time looking for reliable and responsive suppliers. No more looking for different partners with a presence in geographically disparate areas of the country.

The whole of Colombia is right there at your fingertips. Book an art tour in Cartagena, book a city tour in Medellín, book a coffee plantation experience. It’s all within reach on one user friendly platform.

Exclusive discounts for agents

Verified travel agents and independent consultants are issued their own personal discount code for bookings made with their user account. Apply now.

Are you ready to start creating amazing itineraries?

Start building your own authentic and engaging custom Colombia itineraries. Book air and hotel services through your own preferred providers, then bring those itineraries to life with nature, cultural activities, city tours, adventure, foodie tours, hiking, whatever your clients desire.