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Content support

You have the client, you have the itinerary, but how do you write a great tour illustration to seal the deal? We are here to help with that too.

Give us the tools and we will finish the job – Winston Churchill

Colombian DMC is committed to furnishing agents with the tools and resources they need to communicate effectively with their clients. Embrace sales success. Start creating stunning fully featured tour illustrations with us.

You be you

It’s your business and they are your clients. Only you can know how to best communicate with those clients but certain resources span segments and demographics. Regardless of who your clients are, well written copy and striking images will never go out of fashion. They are fundamental assets that form the foundation of your client communication. We won’t tell you what to say, but we will give you the tools to help you say it.

Make tour illustrations stand out with 6000 high quality images

Colombian DMC is your partner in Colombia that supports you with its own image library of over 6000 original high quality Colombia images. The largest image bank in Colombia. Find everything you are looking for, streetscapes, people, coffee plantations, beaches, skies, mountains, cute pueblos, food markets, night scenes, portraits, statues, it’s all there waiting for you.

No more searching for that perfect image to include in your tour illustration, no more concerns about image rights. If you are offering our services and you see an image you want to use then it is free to use in any of your client facing offline communications.

Detailed destination information

Leverage our destination portfolio for tour illustration content ideas. We have already written detailed and accurate copy for over 200 destinations, day trips and experiences, and we’ve done it in 3 different languages.

Historical facts, geography, topography, altitudes, weather, architectural facts, local customs, local food, nearby recommendations. It’s all there already.

Inspire the writer within, the information you need is always close at hand. Our experts are standing by to offer more information or further clarification.

Any questions?

Of course there are. As an independent travel specialist you will always need answers to your clients’ questions. Whether destination information or questions about the details of experiences, our commitment to you is to be responsive.

Our FAQ section has most of the Colombia questions that have already been asked and we are always happy to steer you in the right direction to help find that information, or of course, to answer new questions.

In addition, we have extensive resources in the public domain to proactively advise your clients. Tell them in advance about spending money in Colombia, the weather, what wear, and more. Make your own branded country information pack. You know Colombia because we know Colombia.

Start creating right now.

Get in touch with us to start winning and converting clients with richly detailed, informative and eye-catching tour illustrations.