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Colombia’s Islote del Santa Cruz is the world’s most densely populated island. Or is it? BillsChannel finds out.

Bill Day is one of YouTube’s longest-standing original content creators. Since 2007 BillsChannel has built up a huge following of over 2.6 million subscribers.

Bill’s weekly Real or Fake show is a captivating look at the internet’s weirdest finds and encourages critical thinking and analytical skills amongst his predominantly young audience. Bill’s contagious enthusiasm and style in front of the camera, combined with his eye-catching production values has his fans waiting by their computers on a Friday afternoon for the next instalment of Real or Fake.

Islote del Santa Cruz

One of Bill’s viewers asked about Colombia’s Islote de Sant Cruz. Is it really the world’s most densely populated island? Bill’s audience wanted him to find out the truth, so obviously, Bill headed to Colombia.

We organised a custom route for Bill. Starting in Cartagena we coordinated marine transfers to Isla Múcura to visit Islote del Santa Cruz, then onward travel to Tolú by boat to be transferred overland to Mompox. After a trip on the Río Magdalena Bill continued via Arcataca to the Tayrona coast.

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