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Cartagena shore excursions

An amazing city awaits but you have a tight timescale. How do you design your clients’ shore excursions to deliver truly special and unique experiences?

What to see in Cartagena

Cartagena has a wealth of sites and sights to tempt visitors. The historic walled city is arguably the most spectacular Spanish colonial walled city in the world. Visit the San Felipe de Barajas castle, La Popa with its picture postcard views across the city, see historic sites such as San Pedro Claver, explore the Museo del Oro. Discover the National Aviary of Colombia, take part in cooking classes, take a break with a cool cocktail in Plaza de San Diego or simply soak up the ambience of the Colombian Caribbean.

What to do in Cartagena from a cruise?

If your clients have a cruise to Colombia, despite their limited time, shore excursions allow them to make the most of many of Cartagena’s amazing attractions, activities and experiences.

  • Private city tour: Personalise time on land with a private walking tour, customise it to your clients’ own tastes and preferences, benefit from the personal attention of your own guide and transport.
  • Cooking classes: Combine a slightly shorter city tour with a hands-on kitchen experience, create delicious Caribbean food with fresh local ingredients.
  • Fine dining: Cartagena has some of Colombia’s finest and best reviewed restaurants. Ask our Colombia experts for recommendations, reserve a table and turn your time on land into an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
  • Specialist tours: The port city of Cartagena has a wealth of tours that focus on specific interests. Architectural tours, artistic tours, coffee and rum tasting sessions and street food experiences are just examples.
  • Mangroves tour: Spend a balmy day of canoeing from La Boquilla to La Cienaga de La Virgen.
  • National aviary tour: Visit the toucans, flamingos and parrots at Colombia’s impressive national aviary on BarĂº Island.
  • Island tours: Visit the coral sands and warm waters of one of the Rosario Islands, relax with a local lunch or add in a snorkelling experience.

These are just our suggestions, clients research destinations and specific requests can also be organised.

For cruise passengers, Colombia has just a few hours to make a great impression. Nothing makes us happier than having cruise passengers want to come back some day and see the rest of the country.

Organising your Cartagena cruise excursion

Colombian DMC is not tied to any cruise line and is able to organise land excursions for all arriving passengers. From gaining access to the port to getting authority to pick up passengers, organising cruise excursions is a detailed process with many requirements. Tour planning requires local knowledge and Colombian DMC benefits from its nearby location in Cartagena.

Where do cruise ships dock in Cartagena?

Cruise ships dock at the Cartagena Cruise Terminal a short 3.5km ride from the old town. Access to the terminal is strictly controlled and you will be assigned a pick up location, either direct from your ship or at the exit from the pier approximately 80m from your disembarkation point.

Cartagena cruise terminal meeting points

You will be met by terminal staff that will direct you to your guide and transport. Colombian DMC provides full orientation documentation for each shore excursion.